Can you stop being unfaithful?


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Can you stop being unfaithful?

The behavior of infidelity has multiple causes, such as cultural ones, parenting models, loss of values ​​and self-control, need for recognition, lack of love, emotional spaces, etc.

There are circumstantial and habitual infidels

On many occasions infidelity becomes a habit or a lifestyle, and it is difficult for the unfaithful person to stop being an oath on his own. Because despite their good intentions, once the relationship stabilizes, infidelity can appear again.

Infidelity is not a tattoo and you can stop being unfaithful starting from the decision of wanting to stop being. To achieve it deserves more than the willpower and a therapeutic training that changes the mental patterns leading the brain to respond calmly before what generates temptation and can say NO without regrets or conflicts between what you want to do and what you should do.

This is achieved with techniques of emotional reengineering and counterconditioning that reorganize the neuronal circuits and facilitate the reconstruction of values ​​and principles, lower the emotional intensity, strengthen the relationship of couples and make decisions by putting reason before emotion and achieving the couple's value. It corresponds to him or to finish the realization if there is no longer love.


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