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Sigem Sabagh Sabbagh

Psychologist Barranquilla

(Psychologist, Neuropsychologist)


Cra. 49C No. 80 – 125 Cons. 706
Continental Medical Center
Barranquilla, Colombia

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About Sigem Sabagh Sabbagh:

Dr. Sigem Sabagh Sabbagh has a PhD in Applied Cognitive Neuroscience at the Universidad Maimónides de Argentina, Master in Neuropsychology at the Universidad San Buenaventura de Medellín, Psychologist at the Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla.

Dr. Sabagh, performs comprehensive management of their patients, addressing the cognitive, emotional and behavioral spheres, thanks to which added to her extensive experience of 13 years of work with patients with neurological, neuropsychiatric and psychiatric pathologies, she has a certification in training therapy neurocognitive of the Escuela Argentina de Neurociencias Cognitivas.

Dr. Sabagh performs diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity/impulsivity disorder, intellectual disability, among others. Likewise, she also manages patients who have suffered skull trauma and patients with possible cognitive
impairments, dementias such as Alzheimer's, vascular dementia due to ischemia, hemorrhage, etc.

This makes Dr. Sabagh a professional with a lifespan knowledge of the cognitive, emotional and behavioral development of the human being, and of the various pathologies that can occur in these spheres throughout life.

Insurances accepted:

  • Policies: Liberty, Seguros Bolivar

Fee for service

  • $200,000


Payment methods:

  • Cash


Languages Spoken

Spanish, English

Services, diseases and treatments:

Sigem Sabagh Sabbagh Education


Higher education:

  • Psychology - Universidad del Norte Barranquilla, Colombia 2005


  • Masters in neuro psychotherapy - Universidad San Buenaventura Medellín, Colombia 2008
  • PhD (Ph.D.) in psychology with emphasis in applied cognitive neuroscience - Universidad Maimónides Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014

Latest congresses and seminars:

  • I Congress of the Colombian Society of Neuropsychology Barranquilla, Colombia 2017
  • Training Program in Neurocognitive Therapy Argentina 2016
  • Assessment of autism spectrum disorders APA continuing education in psychology 2015
  • Bipolar disorder in children and adolescents 2015
  • Advanced assessment and treatment of attention deficit disorders 2015
  • VIII International Brain Mind Conference Barranquilla, Colombia 2014
  • Seminar workshop "How to select leaders and evaluate clinical indicators on delinquency profiles, values ??and anti-values ??of people vs. organizations 16PF + integrated valanti " Barranquilla, Colombia 2013

Memberships and affiliations

  • Miembro afiliado de la American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Miembro de la International Neuropsychology Society (INS)
  • Miembro Asociado de la Sociedad Colombiana de Neuropsicología (SCN)
  • Miembro del Colegio Colombiano de Psicólogos. (Colpsic)
  • Perteneciente al Grupo Neuropsicología y Conducta de Medellín (GRUNECO) Antioquia el cual está registrado y reconocido en Colciencias. Poseedora de Cvlac.

Sigem Sabagh Sabbagh's Publications

Cognitive inhibitory control and arithmetic word problem solving in children with attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder: A pilot study. Universitas psychologica. Vol. 9, N° 3. Págs. 315-330. ISN 1657-9267. 2010.

Solución de Problemas Aritméticos Redactados y Control Inhibitorio Cognitivo. Universitas psychologica. Vol. 7, N° 1. Págs. 215-227. ISN 1657-9267. 2008.

Poster: Solución de Problemas y Control Inhibitorio en Niños Talento, Análisis de Caso. En Memorias del Primer Encuentro en Psicología, Neurociencias y Gerontología. Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Bucaramanga, Santander. 27 y 28 de Julio. 2007.

Trastorno disocial. Curso gratuito online. www.mailxmail.com. ISSN: 1699-4914. 2007.

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