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Janneth Nieto Rodríguez

Psychologist Bogotá

(Clinical Psychologist, Couple therapy)


Calle 45 No. 28 - 73
Atención Domiciliaria
Bogotá, Colombia

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About Janneth Nieto Rodríguez:

Dr. Jannet Nieto, a psychologist with scientific, investigative and methodological training. With academic and professional rigor aimed at participation and commitment in the solution of problems and needs of people, couples, families and social groups from a conception of cognitive-behavioral cut.

Handles the emotional, affective and behavioral problems in children and adolescents and disorders of anxiety, depression and adult couple problems.

With extensive experience in therapeutic intervention for the treatment of adjustment problems of daily life at a personal, couple and family level.

Performs couples, individual and family psychotherapy, providing psychological help and displaying the potential of individuals related to communication issues, conflict resolution, anger management, decision making, affective expression, self-esteem, duels, forgiveness therapy, Resentment, individual and couple life project, security, trust among others.

Insurances accepted:

  • No insurance accepted

Fee for service

  • $80,000


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Services, diseases and treatments:

Janneth Nieto Rodríguez Education


Higher education:

  • Psychologist - Universidad Católica de Colombia Bogotá, Colombia 2003


  • Clinical psychology - Universidad Católica de Colombia Bogotá, Colombia 2018

Latest congresses and seminars:

  • Preventing Self-harm / Suicide: Empowering Primary Health Care providers THE PAN AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION . 2019
  • Diploma in Palliative Care . 2019
  • Course Prevention of suicide in children, adolescents RNS (National Network of Suicidiology) . 2016
  • Training Approach suicidal behavior RNS (National Network of Suicidiology) . 2016
  • Virtual course Sexual education in school: a right that concerns us. Our school. National Training Program Ministry of Education Argentina . 2015
  • Diploma in Integral Health Care for Victims of Sexual Violence . 2008

Janneth Nieto Rodríguez's Publications

-WILSON SANCHEZ, JANNETH NIETO RODRIGUEZ, psicólogos Fundación Psistema. Modelo de Escuela de educación familiar perteneciente a la Fundación Psistema. En: Colombia Monografias.com mes de septiembre 2008 http://www.monografias.com/trabajos63/escuela-educacion-familiar/

-WILSON SANCHEZ, JANNETH NIETO RODRIGUEZ, psicólogos Fundación Psistema. Modelo integrativo: Auto sanación a través de la visualización curativa y el control cognitivo. En: Colombia Monografias.com mes de mayo 2009 http://www.monografias.com/trabajos71/autosanacion-visualizacion-curativa-control-cognitivo/

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Janneth Nieto Rodríguez's Reviews

3 reviews

  • Mauricio 7/4/2019

    Lo que destacó es su puntualidad, profesionalismo y don de gente.

  • Marcela 7/4/2019

    Aprendi a identificar los síntomas de mi ansiedad generalizada y el ver la parte positiva de mi vida.

  • Yesenia 7/2/2019

    Es una gran profesional ;su estrategia es buena me agrada mucho sus terapias la recomiendo ha atendido familiares y amigos que orgullo felicidades recomendadicima

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