• Can you stop being unfaithful?


    Author: Jaime Acosta Nuñez Date: 08/03/19

    Can you stop being unfaithful?

    The behavior of infidelity has multiple causes, such as cultural ones, parenting models, loss of values ​​and self-control, need for recognition, lack of love, emotional spaces, etc.

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  • How to control jealousy?


    Author: Jaime Acosta Nuñez Date: 08/03/19

    How to control jealousy?

    Jealousy is an involuntary emotional response that is learned by personal or other infidelity experiences, generating an emotional impact that creates insecurities in the affected person.

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  • Quantum bioresonance

    Alternative medicine

    Author: Holomedical Center Fecha: 08/03/19

    quantum bioresonance

    It is clear that the use of medical equipment for bioresonance in the country is a very new issue, which most people do not know, however this is a technology that has around 60 years of development, by scientists and specialists from countries such as Germany and Russia.

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  • Foreigners: Have surgery in Colombia!

    Medical Tourism

    Author: Date: 06/02/18

    Foreigners: Have surgery in Colombia!

    Colombia is the ideal destination to practice medical and aesthetic treatments. Currently, the country is a benchmark for the high competence of its medical professionals, the excellent international standards of technology and the comfort offered by its medical centers.

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  • Medical tourism in Barranquilla, Colombia

    Medical tourism

    Author: Date: 19/02/19

    Medical tourism barraquilla

    Barranquilla is the best alternative for foreigners looking for quality doctors, at a competitive price, and with the latest technology.

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